Delta Delta Delta

Epsilon Zeta Chapter Chapter at Loyola Marymount University

Alumna of the Month

December 2016

EZ’s Alumna of the month is Paige Borsos! She, a member of the Epsilon Zeta Omicron class, graduated from LMU May 2016 with a major in communication studies and a minor in business administration. Paige remembers Tri Delta like this: “My favorite memories of Tri Delta at LMU were hanging out with my big, Caroline Reitz ('15) and my little, Kristina Waters ('17) who is now our chapter president! I loved my clue week and Big/Little reveal with Caroline when I was a sophomore, so being able to do the same with Kristina as a Big was memorable. By my senior year, I became a great, great Grandbig. Shout out to the Royal Fam!” She loved the chance Tri Delta gave her to be VP of Public Relations and LMU for giving her the opportunity to study abroad in Italy!
Paige has had an exciting few months after graduation. This fall, Paige was a bridesmaid for her brother’s wedding. She enjoyed traveling for the bridal shower and bachelorette party and most importantly, getting a new sister! Paige is also thrilled to have recently started a new job with Sony Pictures Animation as a Marketing Coordinator. She also had fun exploring Culver City after her recent move with her twin sister Sam, who also graduated with the Omicron class! When Paige isn’t busy working, she plays on a competitive beach volleyball pickup league on the sand courts of Santa Monica! Lastly, Paige offers these words of advice to her undergraduate sisters: “Stay in touch with sisters after graduation. I've been lucky to have been able to stay close with Tri Delta alumni and active members from the chapter, even though we're all working and studying far from one another. It's made post-grad life a lot easier by having a Tri Delta support system outside of college.” Thank you for your lovely words of wisdom! DLAM Paige!

October 2016

EZ’s Alumna of the Month is Ariana Schwab. Ariana graduated in 2014 with degrees in Communication Studies and Political Science. Ariana loved how Tri Delta brought her so many great college memories, lifelong friends, and her Maid-of-Honor! Currently, Ariana is excited to be engaged and is enjoying planning her wedding. After leaving LMU, Ariana became the Sales & Project Director at Electra-Media, Inc. and the Founder & Editor in Chief of Redhead In The Real World. Ariana states her most exciting experience after graduating is starting Readhead In The Real World. She says, “Nothing compares to starting something of your own, thinking it, creating it and bringing it to life. Having no idea what you are doing but figuring it out somehow and having the best time. Every single little thing that goes right is the biggest win and carries the most awesome rush – so great. Even the major accomplishments I have had in my career at Electra-Media, Inc. don’t even come close!

Ariana gives this advice to her sisters: “Hustle, hustle, hustle. Make your life what you want it to be by working for it. And ask people who have done it before you! Seek advice, seek mentorship, do the research and use those who have laid the groundwork. Believe in yourself, never settle, respect yourself and others and never think you are entitled to anything! Drink good wine, make out a lot, dance everyday, cry everyday, laugh everyday and love hard. This is your life and it is amazing and YOU are amazing.” Thank you Ariana for sharing your life with us and giving us great advice! DLAM Ariana!

Check out Redhead In The Real World!


April 2016

EZ’s April Alumna of the Month is Anna Escher! Anna graduated from LMU in 2013 as a Communications major and Journalism minor. As a member of the Kappa class, Anna enjoyed serving as Philanthropy Chairman. She loved seeing what great things Tri Delta does for St. Jude and meeting women from other chapters. After graduating from LMU, Anna earned her Masters in Arts Journalism and Digital Media from USC Annenberg. She began work as a Journalist and Audience Development Analyst in San Francisco.

When Anna’s not working, she volunteers at a non-profit instilling confidence in young girls through learning to play the drums. Two of her most exciting experience was seeing one of her video profiles on female Percussionists published and food blogging while living abroad in Paris. Anna encourages EZ’s members to take advantage of leadership opportunities offered in Tri Delta and cherish friendships with each sister. She gives these words of advice: “Don’t be afraid to take advantage of every opportunity that interests you during your time in college. Throw yourself fully into your passions and whatever it is you choose to do, aim to be the best at it!” Thank you Anna! Delta Love and Ours!

March 2016

EZ’s March Alumna of the Month is Nu class member, Caitlin Cox! Caitlin graduated in from LMU in 2014 with a degree in Business Marketing. In June 2015, Caitlin graduated from FIDM in LA with an Associate of Arts Professional Designation degree in Visual Communications. Caitlin’s favorite memories from Tri Delta were late night conversations she had with her sisters. Whether they were just talking, playing games, or making up dances for Lip Sync, Caitlin says these are the moments that stuck with her the most. Caitlin’s favorite moment after graduating was signing her first lease, which was the beginning of starting a life for herself. After graduating from FIDM, she started working as a Visual Merchandising Leader for Target in Santa Clarita, where she is responsible for the home decor department displays and clothing on the mannequins. Caitlin loves getting free range to make her specific Target beautiful and trendy, allowing her to feed her love for decorating. Within the next five to ten years, Caitlin plans to open her own wedding venue in the mountains between Los Angeles and Bakersfield.

When Caitlin is not working, she enjoys being outdoors with friends, spending time with her Poodle mix, Macy, and trying new recipes and DIY projects from Pinterest. This month she’s building a king-sized bed from 2x4s. Caitlin would like to offer these words of advice. “One realization since graduating that I have come to understand is that the real world isn’t that scary that people make it seem. I truly believe that no matter how hard or scary something may seem, it usually isn’t that bad. Don’t sweat the small stuff cause it doesn’t really matter in the long run. Learn to do you and be your own person and do whatever makes you happy because time does fly fast, but make sure to be responsible and smart and be grateful for the opportunities that are given to you.” We would love to thank Caitlin for sharing her life with us! Delta love Caitlin!

February 2016

Our February Alumna of the Month is Nikki Snipper! Nikki graduated from LMU in 2013, with degrees in both Psychology and Theatre. After graduating, Nikki has been acting professionally in television and in theatre. She is currently in a theatre production with the NoHo Arts District. She also does administrative work for an IT company and an insurance company (if anyone is looking for a job, she’s hiring for both). When time allows her to step away from her busy schedule, she enjoys reading books, watching movies, and hanging out with friends.

Nikki still keeps in contact with many of her sisters from Epsilon Zeta, including Lauren Elliot and Lexi Foster, fellow Tri Deltas from her class. One of her favorite moments since graduating has been being in Lauren’s wedding. She also looks forward to being in Lexi’s wedding as well. Nikki offers these words of advice. “Get involved with as much as you can. Within the chapter, but also just within the school. You only have a couple of years to experience as much as you can, so enjoy it all! I mean, don’t overwhelm yourself, obviously, but take every opportunity.” Nikki would also like to offer herself as a resource for any of her sisters who have questions or are in need. Thank you Nikki for your wonderful words of advice! Delta Love from Epsilon Zeta!

January 2016

Our January Alumna of the Month is Alexxa Friedenthal! Alexxa graduated from LMU in 2012 with a degree in Psychology. She loved the opportunity Tri Delta presented by helping her connect with so many different young women from various majors. Some of her favorite experiences in Tri Delta were Lip Sync and the different social and philanthropy events. She treasures the time she had bonding with her sisters at those events. After graduating from LMU, Alexxa lived in New York City for two years while attending Columbia University, pursuing her masters in social work. She also became very close friends with a Tri Delt sister from the University of Vermont while interning. She describes her time in New York as one of the most exciting experiences in her life after leaving LMU.

Presently, Alexxa is working as a therapist in a community mental health facility in Los Angeles and also in a private practice in Century City. When Alexxa is not working, she indulges her interests in photography and good food by spending time taking pictures and trying new restaurants. Alexxa offers these words of advice to EZ’s collegiate members: “Take advantage of every opportunity! I tried to stay open to all opportunities throughout my college career, including joining Tri Delta. I did not have a clear picture of what career path I wanted to take, but the opportunities I took advantage of in college helped get me to where I am today.” We thank Alexxa for taking the time to let us into her life and sharing words of wisdom with her Tri Delt sisters! We want to send Alexxa our best wishes and Delta Love from Epsilon Zeta!


Our December Alumna of the Month is Kimberly Batten!  Kimberly graduated from LMU in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in natural science.  Kim is currently working toward her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland.  She is also a volunteer at Cat Town Café and Adoption Center, where she helps cats find good homes. In terms of Kim’s involvement in Tri Delta, she says her favorite memories are of early morning flag football practices where she got to know more of her sisters. Kimberly also relished the opportunity to explore Europe with some of her sisters when they studied abroad one summer.  While she was an active member of our chapter, Kimberly served as Music Chair, Risk Management Chairman, and Vice President of Chapter Development.  Kimberly says that these officer positions helped her gain skills she still uses today, but her devotion to Tri Delta didn’t stop after graduation. Currently, Kim is involved with the Mt. Diablo Alumnae Association.  She also serves as Finance and Administration Advisor for the Pi Chapter at University of California, Berkeley. Kimberly says that some of the most exciting experiences she has had since graduating from LMU have been at her sorority sisters’ weddings, including the wedding of her older sister, a Tri Delta alumna from Colgate University.  Of her sisters’ weddings, she writes: “it was so wonderful to dance the night away again with my sisters!”  Delta Love Kim, thanks for being a great role model as a member and alum!


Christina Tsujimoto is our Alum of the Month! Christina graduated from LMU in 2011 after majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Dance. She looks back fondly on her time as an active member of Epsilon Zeta’s Zeta class, especially her first year when she got to experience exchanges, Greek Week, and Lip Sync for the first time. Tina says she also greatly enjoyed her time as an officer in the chapter and the opportunities that came with that experience. She wants her active sisters to enjoy their time in college and Tri Delta because it is the best time of their lives! Since graduating from LMU, Tina has been very busy. She made some great memories traveling the world, and became certified as a shorthand reporter, or court reporter, here in Los Angeles. During her time as an Active in Epsilon Zeta, Tina served as our Collegiate Chapter President. She has remained active in our chapter by coming to our Career Night event and by helping us with recruitment. Tina’s hobbies include shopping, brunch, travel, yoga, and spending time with her pets. We’re so proud to call you our sister, Tina, Delta Love and thanks for all your help!


Our September Alumnus of the Month is Caitlin Yost! Caitlin graduated from LMU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies. She later earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver. She now works as a Licensed Master Level Social Worker at Banner University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. Caitlin’s job is to work with patients and families of patients who need lifesaving liver and kidney transplants. She loves her job, saying: “I truly feel as though I have found what I was born to do.”Tri Delta was a huge part of Caitlin’s college experience, which included serving as New Member Educator during her sophomore year. She feels that some of her closest and dearest friends are her Tri Delta sisters, including the girls who were in the new member class that she led. 

Caitlin has remained active as an alumnus, and is currently the Philanthropy Chair for the Tri Delta Alumnae Chapter in Tucson. Being part of the alumnae group has allowed her to meet some amazing women of all ages. Outside of Tri Delta, Caitlin likes hiking, yoga, and spending time with her friends and her older sister who also lives in Tucson. As for her advice to her active EZ sisters, Caitlin offers the following: “Get involved as much as you can in the chapter. Push yourself to try new things and new positions. You will learn and grow so much during these four years and all the skills and relationships that you acquire now will continue to serve you later in life.”


This month we’re featuring Epsilon Zeta Alum Patricia Pichardo! Patricia graduated from LMU in 2014 after majoring in Mechanical Engineering. One of Patricia’s favorite memories of her time as an active was participating in the St. Jude walk with a big group of her sisters during her senior year. She advises her Tri Delta sisters who are still active members to enjoy their time in college and to be as involved with the chapter as possible because Tri Delta provides you with lifelong friendships and prepares you for the future outside of college.

Currently, Patricia is earning her PhD in Chemical Engineering at UCLA. She spends much of her time conducting research that focuses on hydrogen production and transportation from chemical plants. This year, Patricia will be taking on a new role as a teaching assistant in the Chemical Engineering department. This should be an exciting change because Patricia says that her most exciting experience since graduating from LMU has been working with her professor at UCLA, and that she has learned more than she thought was possible from him. “Thanks to him,” she says, “I have been able to learn how to apply my talents to help reduce the amount of pollution in the world.” 

Thanks for all you do Patricia, Delta Love!


Our June Alumna of the Month is Dacia Nuñez!  Dacia graduated from LMU from in 2011 after majoring in Communication Studies. She then earned her Masters in Organizational Management.  Dacia loves to travel, and recently went on a trip to China. We’re so excited to know that Dacia works in Human Resources at LMU because that means she is right here on campus!  She says that it was a very exciting transition from student to staff member, and that she loves working at LMU as much as she loved being a student.  Her favorite memories of her time as an active member are of the chapter’s philanthropy events, especially its Almost Golf Tournament.

During her time as a student, Dacia served as Epsilon Zeta’s Vice President of Administration; she continues that pattern of leadership by serving as an advisor to the Theta Xi chapter of Tri Delta at USC.  To her fellow sisters, Dacia offers these kind words: “I feel that Tri Delta has given me so many opportunities to grow as an individual and I really value all the friendships I have made and continue to make through my involvement in Tri Delta.” 

Thanks, Dacia, we’ll see you around campus!


Our May Alumna of the Month is Aimee Hindson! Aimee was also one of our guests at Career Night this year, where she told us all about her the work she does at Universal Studios Hollywood as a Sales Coordinator as part of the company’s Travel Industry Sales department.  Through her work, Aimee is part of Universal’s volunteer council, as well as the NBCU Women’s Network, the latter being an organization that makes it a goal to foster women’s professional development.  Aimee is also a part of the Young Leaders’ Society for Union Station Homeless Services.

Aimee graduated from LMU in 2014 after majoring in Marketing, and serving as Reference Chair and Licensing Chair on Epsilon Zeta’s Officers Council.  She says that serving on Officers Council was one of her favorite memories in Tri Delta, along with choreographing Lip Sync her senior year.  She says that both of these experiences were enjoyable because she got to know her sisters so well.

As an alum, Aimee has been busy, but has managed to find time to both use her love of crafting to start an Etsy business called Sisters are Forever and to join the San Gabriel-Crescenta Valley alumnae chapter.  Aimee wants her sisters to know that they should reach out if they need anything, and gives active members the following advice:  “Be sure to make the most of your college experience. Don’t get caught in the stress of it and forget to have tons of fun.  Also, I recommend getting more involved with Tri Delta, these are some great girls!!”

We are so happy to have Aimee as our Alumna of the Month, delta love <3


Epsilon Zeta is happy to announce that our alum of the month for April is Jen Soza!  Jen is not only an alumna of our chapter, but also a new addition to our advising team, as she joins us as Alumnae Relations Advisor.  As Alumnae Relations Advisor, Jen will be focusing on fostering engagement within the local alumnae community and between alumnae and active members.  Jen graduated from LMU last year, and is currently taking classes at UCLA Extension to earn her certificate in fundraising.  Some of Jen’s fondest memories in Tri Delta are of dressing up for exchanges and trying to think of clever costumes.  In her spare time, she likes to be at the barn with her horse, Barusha.  Jen advises current actives to enjoy their time on campus and take advantage of all the great opportunities that both Tri Delta and LMU offer, but she also says that actives should be excited to graduate because there are many opportunities for alumnae engagement and she has lots of fun alumnae activities planned!

We are so happy to have Jen Soza as our alumna of the month and sending her lots of love!


We have a very special Alumna of the Month this month.  Since March 5th marked our Chapter’s Career Night, we’re featuring one of our guests, Jennifer Pellerito.  This month is all about careers, so we asked Jennifer a few questions about her experiences in the Marketing field.  Jen graduated from LMU in 2012 after majoring in English and earning minors in both Screenwriting and Journalism.  Jen now works as a Marketing and Social Media Specialist for a small business called Matchstrike, Inc. She also works part-time as a freelance social media consultant and as an SAT tutor with The Princeton Review.She says that a challenge in her work has been learning new skills adapting to the company’s needs because working at a small business requires one to take on many different responsibilities, such as working as a copywriter and designer or pitching media and managing website development.  Jen says that it has been important for her to keep an open mind.   In her spare time, Jen enjoys traveling internationally, and tries to take a trip out of the country once every few years. She also loves being active and trying new group exercise classes like yoga, barre, and Zumba.  Her career advice to current Tri Deltas is, “What makes all the difference is having confidence in your own abilities and talents, and letting that shine through in interviews. Also, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and network!”

We are so happy to have Jen as our Alumna of the Month and are sending her lots of Delta Love!


Jillienne Feather graduated from LMU in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Science with an Emphasis in Kinesiology and Pre-Physical Therapy. She was a founding sister of our Epsilon Zeta chapter, and served on Standards Committee as New Member Educator.  One of Jillienne’s favorite memories from her time at LMU was spending 24 hours on the Sigma Chi Sig-saw representing her sorority and coming out strong in Epsilon Zeta’s first ever Greek Week!  Since graduation, Jilliene has been working for Project Walk Paralysis Recovery Center in Carlsbad, CA where she has held different roles but finds that she is most suited to her current position as Education Coordinator, where one of her responsibilities is to work directly with clients to develop their recovery programs.   She is the spokesperson for Project Walk and has appeared on news programs and television shows broadcast worldwide.  Recently, Jillienne co-authored a research study and her name appeared in the Scientific Journal Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation.  She also recently began working as an Independent Consultant for Abronne International, a company that sells vegan, gluten-free, and non-toxic beauty, skin care, and nutrition products for everyone.  Jillienne enjoys that this job allows her to share her devotion to health and wellness with others who can have their lives changed as she did when she began using Arbonne products.  In addition to her many professional achievements, Jillienne has practiced yoga, participated in a 200 mile Ragnar Relay Race from San Francisco to Napa, and run a half marathon.  She likes to hike and explore the San Diego coastline and Oceanside Harbor with her boyfriend of over two years, Scott.  

Her Advice to Current Members:

Get involved with the chapter and on campus activities. You never know which experience may help you later in life. A big part of why I’m in the position I am today with my company has to do with my time educating new members in Tri Delta. Don’t have regrets. When you graduate, get involved with an alumni chapter, this is something I wish I had done…Do not wait for tomorrow to get involved because tomorrow never comes. Get involved today! I met so many wonderful people doing this. And remember, we are always sisters. Even if you lose touch over the years, your sisters will always be there for you. Mine still are. Our founding chapter quote was ‘Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.’ –Ralph Waldo Emerson. This is something that has always stuck with me. Enjoy making your own trails!

We are so happy to have Jillienne as our Alumna of the Month and are sending her lots of Delta Love!


Melody Araya graduated from LMU in 2009 after majoring in Business Marketing and Information Systems and Quantitative Methods.  After graduating LMU, Melody worked at Nordstrom for a few months, where she was offered a job at their corporate office in Seattle.  She turned down the offer because she could not stand to leave her beautiful life in Los Angeles, and decided to become a nurse.  She says, “My most exciting experience since graduating is making the decision to attend Nursing school at Mt. St. Mary’s University.  I worked almost full time as I went to nursing classes at night and clinicals on the weekends.” 

Melody also volunteered with UCLA’s CareExtender program during this time. She has since completed nursing school and is now looking for a job as a Registered Nurse.  Melody enjoys staying active with adult volleyball and softball leagues and learning to play golf.  In December, she volunteered her time giving out toys on skid row.  Melody is glad that she chose to attend LMU because she became a Tri Delta and made lifelong friends upon whom she knows she can depend.  She says that among her favorite memories of LMU are her senior formal where she and her sisters got to have fun together one more time before going off into the real world, and Big-Little Reveal because her big, Tamie Jiang, has been an amazing, lifelong sister.  

Her Advice to current members:

Melody advises current members to take advantage of these few years and make the most out of every event, they really will be some of the best memories you will make because your sisters will always be there when you need them.

Thanks Melody, Delta Love!


Congratulations to our Alumna of the Month, Nicole Froidevaux!

She graduated from LMU in 2013 with a degree in Psychology. At LMU, she volunteered through the club Underwing Praxis and at Good Shepard shelter, and spent a lot of her time doing research for two psychology professors in the psychology department. She says, “The opportunities I have been given at LMU would be unmatched elsewhere. I am grateful every day for being able to start doing research freshman year of college which would not have been possible if it were not for LMU.”

In Tri Delta, she was our Body Image Coordinator for one term. Her best friends are all of her sisters from Tri Delta and her favorite memories from Tri Delta were our sisterhood events. “It was such a good time to bond. I was able to strengthen old relationships while making new ones! My best friends to this day, are the ones I go to Vegas with, the ones I share birthday and holidays with, and are my sisters.”

In an attempt to be a competitive candidate for a psychology graduate program in 2015, she landed her dream job after college and continued doing research full time at the LMU psychology department. She says, “The main focuses in our lab are student health risk behaviors such as drinking alcohol, drug use, and hooking up. It's never a dull moment! I'm excited to continue up on the path I am on right now.”

In her post-grad life, she recently joined a Tri Delta Alumna chapter near her home. She says, “It is nice to stay involved with the women who hold similar ideas as I do, even if they are 10,20,60 years older than me!”  She continues to tutor some sisters in psychology and says it feels great to still be able to mentor them and help them as much as she can. In addition, she also recently helped our active members during our slating process.

Her advice to future and current Tri Deltas is:

“I would tell them to enjoy the time they have now in Tri Delta and at LMU. Although days and sleepless nights may get stressful, time in college with your sisters is a sanctuary from the real world. Everything changes once you graduate, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but my years at LMU as a Tri Delta were the best years of my life. “

Thanks Nicole, and Delta Love!


We are excited to announce that our November Alumna of the Month is Hannah Dunn! She graduated in 2013 with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in History. 

Hannah had a large presence in our chapter, serving as our Vice President of Finance for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years. In this leadership role, she also served on our Standards Committee. Outside of Tri Delta, she worked on-campus for Mane Entertainment, Career Development Services, and served on the Elections Committee for ASLMU.

Now, she is currently a second year law student at Loyola Law here in Los Angeles and works at a restaurant in Redondo Beach. After law school, she hopes to work in entertainment law, preferably within the music industry. She has always been interested in the digitalization of music, and how the online age has affected the music business.

Because she is still local, she continues to be connected to Epsilon Zeta chapter. She looks forward to coming to events such as Pansy Breakfast, and she recently had the opportunity to facilitate our chapter's annual slating process. She is also still very close with her big sister, Ally Salciccia (class of 2012) who lives in San Jose. She says, "We try and visit each other a few times at year. Last year, she came to Los Angeles to visit and we attended the wedding of her big sister and my grand big, Chelsea Slattery" (class of 2011). In addition, she is also still close with my former college roommates (Catherine Ferraro, Hannah Olsen, Lauren Wachi, and Alyssa Bermudes). They all lived together in a house off-campus that our current President, Ellie Damianides, now lives in! 

Hannah's favorite memories from Tri Delta were during her senior year Vegas trip. To sum up her time in Tri Delta and to give advice to new members, she says, "Enjoy all of it, even the parts that aren't so great! I wish I had gone to more Tri Delta events. During college, your schedule gets crazy busy and it's easy to blow off sisterhood events, or socials but once you graduate you no longer have the opportunity. Balancing commitments is difficult, but I wish I had appreciated all Tri Delta events more. My time in Tri Delta have been some of the best years of my life." Thanks Hannah, and congratulations! <3



Congratulations to Lauren Lindsey, our October Alumna of the Month! She walked in 2010, but graduated a semester early in December 2009.

During her time in Tri Delta, she was the Licensing Chair and designed all of the chapter's t-shirts. Outside of Greek life, she majored in Sociology and minored in History. She was part of the Sociology Society and helped publicize the Sociology Department's Career Night.

After graduation, she started working in Marketing, and is now an Account Executive at an ad agency in Santa Monica. In her spare time, she likes to do yoga, draw, read and cook. She's also busy planning her wedding for next September!

For present and future Tri Delta's, Lauren's advice is, "Make the most of your time at LMU, because it goes by really fast! College is definitely a very special time and there's nothing quite like it after you graduate. Also, don't worry about having everything figured out by graduation - make sure to enjoy the journey!"

We are proud to call Lauren are October Alumna of the Month and wish her all the Delta Love! <3


Our August Alumna of the Month is Elisabeth Glikbarg! She graduated from LMU in 2010 with Spanish major and a multiple subject teaching credential, and now lives in San Francisco and teaches Kindergarten at a public school on the peninsula. She loves to travel and goes on different trips to see new cities, and even studied abroad in Madrid during her time at LMU. During her time in Tri Delta she held a variety of leadership positions, including Activities Chair, Greek Week Chair, and Reference Chair.


Elisabeth says her favorite memory from Tri Delta was completing recruitment during her senior year. She says, "Although it was one of the most stressful things I've ever had to do, seeing a whole new group of wonderful women show up at Bid Night made it worth all of the work we had put into it. Furthermore, the support and love that we were shown from our fellow members made the process so much more bearable, and the common goal of developing our new pledge class brought us all closer together."

In her post-grad years, Elisabeth says that her friendships that she built with other Tri Delta members have lasted past graduation and only become stronger since she left LMU. We are glad to know our fellow sister is doing so well! Congratulations, Elisabeth!



Congratulations to our August Alumna of the Month, Lauren Garcia! Lauren graduated in May 2011, majoring in Liberal Studies with a multiple subjects teaching credential and an emphasis in Special Education. Outside of Tri Delta, she was involved in Special Games, Transfer Orientation, Transfer club and was an Orientation Leader.  This year, she is entering her 3rd year of teaching. During her first two years, she was a first grade teacher, but now she will be transitioning to second grade!  She also works part-time for Cambrian Home Care as a hospice care giver for children with special needs. In addition, she just completed her masters in Education and her credential clearing program at LMU in May 2014.  

Her advice to current and future Tri Deltas at LMU is:
"Enjoy the process of being in a sorority and in college - life changes drastically once you graduate so take advantage of the time and schedule you have now!  Don't take life so seriously all the time, its supposed to be filled with love and laughter." 

As for the future, she says, "For the next 10 months my life will be filled with wedding planning since my boyfriend recently proposed!" Congratulations, Lauren! Delta love!



Julie Ciccarelli is our July Alumna of the Month! She graduated in December 2011 with LMU's class of 2012 and majored in Business Administration, with a double emphasis in Marketing and Management/Human Resources. Outside of Tri Delta, she was involved in Mane Entertainment, booking shows in the Living Room with artists like Young the Giant, and was a member of the Concerts Committee in ASLMU. She also participated in the Leadership Institute and served on the Senior Gift Committee, along with working at Sony Music as a College Marketing Representative for two years and being a part of GrammyU. One of her favorite memories from LMU was her summer study abroad program in Rome!

For the past two and a half years, she has worked in Culture Marketing at Red Bull. She says, "I never wake up thinking I'm going to work because I get to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are passionate and knowledgeable about making amazing ideas come to life." In her free time, she enjoy hiking, photography, and traveling.

One of her favorite memories in Tri Delta was her first Almost Golf because it was one of her first events as a new member and she got to hang out with her Big, Allie Madigan, and Twin, Bridget Bettwy. She also really enjoyed the St. Jude Give Thanks Walk they did at the Culver City Mall!

We asked her if she had any advice for new members of Tri Delta, and she responded, "I would tell new and future members to take advantage of every opportunity that their four years at LMU offers them. Experiences that might make you feel uncomfortable or you realize that you don't enjoy are the ones that set you up on a path to fulfillment towards learning what you truly want to do career-wise and who you want to be surrounded by in the long-run. It's much better to look back and realize you gave something a shot, rather than regret never trying in the first place. Also, travel often! There's no better way to expand your perspective as a young adult than with your friends by your side seeing new places and learning new things."

We are so proud to call Julie an alumna and are happy for her and her amazing post-grad life! Delta love, Julie! <3



We are happy to announce our June Alumna of the Month, Sara Sievers! Known to our chapter is her nickname, "Bear", she graduated this year with a major in Biochemistry. Bear served as the Risk Manager, as well as the VP of Chapter Development and a member of our Standards Committee during her time in Tri Delta. Outside of our chapter, she was involved as the President and Vice President in Operation Smile, the Director of Programming and Vice President in the Chemistry Society, and in Alpha Epsiolon Delta, the Pre-Professional Honors Society.

Now that she's graduated, Bear plans on applying for jobs during her "gap-year" while also applying to Medical School. She plans on joining the alumni chapter when she moves back to the Bay Area and becoming a Life Loyal member. Her favorite memory in Tri Delta is when she got her big, Kaitlin Halverstadt, class of 2013. She says, " I immediately felt at home and very loved! It made me realize that Tri Delta was my home and exactly where I needed to be!" She says that if she had to give advice to future Tri Deltas at LMU, it would be to enjoy the moments experienced during college. She says, "Don't ever be afraid to try something new, join a new club, or go new places! You'll meet the most amazing people and have the most amazing experiences!" Well said, Bear, and congratulations!



We are thrilled to announce that our May Alumna of the month is Lauren Wachi! She graduated from LMU in 2013 as an Accounting major and served as our chapter's Treasurer because of her interest in business. Outside of Tri Delta, Lauren was involved in the Na Kolea Hwaii Club and joined the LMU Accounting Society.

Upon graduation, she has a full-time job at Ernst & Young in Los Angeles in their Assurance practice. She started in September 2013, and EY has allowed her to travel across the US to work for places such as San Jose and Denver. This August, she will even be traveling to NYC on business!

Lauren says that she truly appreciated all the friendships that she made while in Tri Delta. She is still close with many of them and loves to hang out with them. We miss you Lauren, and are glad you're doing well! DLAM! <3



We are happy to announce our April Alumna of the Month, Danielle Diggs! She graduated from LMU in 2009 and majored in Screenwriting. During her time in Tri Delta, she was Co-Philanthropy chair. Outside of Tri Delta, she was very involved in the Film School, volunteering with the film administration to help plan all events hosted by SFTV on and off campus. She was also a member of Women’s Film Society.

In her post-grad life, Danielle recently launched her own Event Production Company called R.E.M. with her partner Brian Jefferson, who is also a 2010 LMU graduate! They specialize in entertainment events, album release parties, music festivals, concerts, and video production for said events.

Looking back on her time in Tri Delta, she says she has many memories. She said, “One of my favorites would have to be getting my little sis, Dacia Nunez. We always had a great time especially on the Tri Delta retreat. We still make a point to get together once every two weeks. Tri Delta has given me friendships for a lifetime.”

We are so happy for you, Danielle! Congratulations!



For the month of March, we are happy to feature a recent alumna, Sami Beadle! Sami graduated from LMU in just last spring in May 2013. She was a Natural Science major with an emphasis in Pre Physical and Occupational Therapy and a minor in Studio Arts. During her time in Tri Delta, Sami was the chapter's New Member Educator and served on the standards board.

Upon graduating, she now currently works for a Biotech company called Anthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in the Regulatory Affairs and Compliance department. At her job, she makes sure the trials are compliant with FDA laws and regulations. This fall, she will be applying to occupational therapy school. Looking back at her time in Tri Delta, she says that her favorite part of it was the people she met through it. She says, "I met my best friends through Tri Delta and I know they are friendships that I will cherish forever." Congratulations Sami, we are proud to call you an alumna of our chapter!



We are so excited  to announce our February Alumna of the Month, Monique Boosler! She was a sister in the Alpha Class of Tri Delta’s Epsilon Zeta Chapter and graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2008 with a degree in Sociology. Since leaving LMU, she has held a variety of exciting and creative jobs including social work, interior design, business management, web development, and has even traveled the world working for an iconic artist and leader in the music industry. This past September she married Michael Boosler and is currently living locally in West Hollywood with their rescue dog, Jazzy. She continues to contribute to St. Jude Children’s Hospital annually and is a huge pet lover and supporter of local pet rescue organizations such as Elayne Boosler’s Tails of Joy.

She says, "Tri Delta has had such a positive impact on the person I am today, it helped build confidence, self esteem, and leadership qualities that have helped me to succeed in both my professional and personal life. Being a member of our sorority strengthened my ability as a team leader, fostered incredible friendships with intelligent and genuine women, and gave me the ability to make a difference in the lives of others. As I watch the Epsilon Zeta Chapter continue to grow with so many beautiful, classy, and brilliant leaders, I am filled with pride and am so honored to say I was a founding member. "

We couldn't have put our sisterhood into better words. Thanks, Monique and congratulations!



For our January Alumna of the Month, we have chosen Lauren Offenberg! She was Founding sister of Tri Delta at LMU and helped our chapter flourish. During her time in Tri Delta she was also our social chair. She graduated from LMU in 2008 with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in management in marketing.

In her post-grad years, she continued to stay active in helping with Tri Delta when she initiated her younger sister, Jen Ure, into the chapter last spring. In addition, she supported LMU Tri Delta during Greek Week. She currently works at Boeml Construction where she is an office manager, and just got married to her college sweetheart Adam Offenberg, who was an Alpha Delta Gama (ADG) at LMU. We look up to alumni such as Lauren because of her amazing work in her post-grad years and continued love for our chapter!