Tri Delta

Epsilon Zeta Chapter at Loyola Marymount University

Chapter Officers

Ariana Mungia

Collegiate Chapter President

The President oversees our chapter. She interacts with all officers, advisors, and members and makes sure that there is fluidity between our chapter programs and the purpose of Tri Delta.

Paige Kulberg

VP Administration

VP Administration guides the progress of individual team officers. She facilitates our Officers Council meetings and organizes our chapter's calendar for all upcoming events.

Victorria Dau

VP Public Relations

VP Public Relations manages the chapter's image. She helps design apparel, runs the social media outlets, and helps promote events with flyers and giveaways.

Kaitlyn Ryan

VP Membership

VP Membership organizes recruitment. She runs spring recruitment, plans on-campus Open Houses, and oversees our informal Continuous Open Bidding (COB) process year-round.

Hali Archer

VP Chapter Development

VP Chapter Development implements rituals and standards. She creates devotionals and sisterhood activities that allow us to think about our purpose, and conducts all of our chapter rituals.

Haley Wheelon

VP Finance

VP Finance runs the chapter's expenses. She creates a chapter budget, manages all the expenses of the chapter, pays all invoices for all events, and educates our chapter on BillHighway.

Anna Hodgson

Philanthropy Chairman

Philanthropy Chairman organizes our philanthropic events for St. Jude. She plans Delta Desserts, our biggest event on campus, and coordinates Sincerely Yours, our St. Jude letter-writing campaign.

Hailee Brown

Panhellenic Chairman

Panhellenic Chairman serves as the link between Tri Delta and Greek Council. She brings our announcements to the Council, votes on behalf of our chapter, and interacts with other Greek Organizations.

Morgan Renaud

Social Events Chairman

Social Events Chairman plans all of our chapter's social events, including date nights, formals, and exchanges with fraternities. She chooses themes, venues, transportation, DJs and photobooths.

Mariah Williams

Greek Week Chairman

Greek Week Chairman oversees Greek Week & Lipsync. She plans our Greek Week carnival activity, football team, and service. She also choreographs our Lipsync dances, costumes and props.

Emma Young

Activities Chairman

Activities Chairman ensures member attendance at other Greek and Service Organization events. She informs members about on-campus events, organizes teams, and collects community service hours.

Maddie Mackler

Risk Management

Risk Management Chairman watches over any potential risks of the chapter. She organizes and trains sober sisters for social events and helps the chapter eliminate any other possible risks.

Haley Stites

Chapter Correspondence

Chapter Correspondence connects our chapter with other organizations. She communicates with other leaders and is the voice for the chapter when reaching out to offer thanks, congrats, and good luck.

Miriam Binman

Collegiate Alumnae Relations Chairman

Collegiate Alumnae Relations Chairman serves as the bridge between collegiate members and alumnae members. She corresponds with alumnae, organizes our Circle Degree ceremony, and plans workshops.

Ariana Mungia

New Member Educator

New Member Educator teaches new members about Tri Delta. She facilitates New Member meetings and educates them about our chapter's history, rituals, and values before they are initiated.

Acacia Scalise

Sponsor Chairman

Sponsor Chairman is mainly responsible for matching Bigs with Littles. In addition, she organizes Big/Little reveal, Bid Day, Alpha Week, and Pearl Pals.

Monica Hardesty

Reference Chairman

Reference Chairman assists with recruitment. She sits on the Membership Selection Committee, collects reference forms, and serves as the chairman of the evaluation committee.

Jackie Galvez

Member Development Chairman

Membership Development Chairman plans sisterhood events. She organizes fun activities such as chapter dinners and movie nights, and also organizes mother-daughter day and father-daughter day.

Melanie Molina

Continuing Education Chairman

Continuing Education Chairman maintains the history of the Epsilon Zeta chapter of Tri Delta. She helps to integrate the upperclassmen in chapter activities. She also helps her fellow officers if they need assistance and helps all officers to better understand their position.

Mandy Wallace

Body Image Coordinator

Body Image Coordinator spearheads our body image values. She raises awareness of our Body Image 3D program and implements body image workshops.

Dasia Intil

Music Chairman

Music Chair handles all chapter songs and music. She teaches new songs to the chapter, especially during recruitment, and chooses a new song to sing at chapter each week.

Charity Dzul


Secretary keeps all written records and documents for the chapter. She maintains an updated roster, takes attendance at the beginning of chapter, and manages our chapter's point system.

Katerina Harrop


Treasurer handles expenses and assists VP Finance. She manages BillHighway, checks chapter member's financial standings, and reimburses members.

Jackee Alvarez

Licensing Chairman

Licensing Chairman designs apparel and merchandise purchased by the chapter. She designs all shirts for events, creates graphic designs, and communicates with representatives from clothing companies.

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