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Epsilon Zeta at Loyola Marymount University

Tri Psi


Welcome to the Tri Psi Sorority, a sisterhood made up of Tri Delta mothers from across the United States and Canada.

Tri Psi is a loving and sharing sisterhood that not only supports each member but also works loyally to support Tri Deltas.  We strongly adhere to our motto:  “An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves”.

In LMU Tri Delta, we recently welcomed the following Tri Delta mothers into our Tri Psi chapter: Carri Vogl, Monica De La Cruz, Marianne Keathley, Diane Rogers, Laura Outman, Martha Froidevaux, Susan Burke, Deborah Whitelam.




You can choose to have any or all of the following offices. If you prefer, one person can fill more than one position.  This depends on how many members you have and what your preferences are. Many chapters are smaller and have fewer officers.

There are 4 positions that you may want to fill. They are President, Treasurer, & Triad / Website Chairman & Membership.




Shall preside at all the meetings of the sorority; work with other officers to set an agenda or schedule for the year.   She can appoint any committees or any special chairman that might be needed throughout the year.  The President should also have an open line of communication with the Tri Delta chapter and officers so that you know of upcoming events or needs of the Tri Deltas and they know what is happening within Tri Psi.




Shall attend to the finances of the Tri Psi chapter. She shall present a yearly report to the chapter and should have an annual review at the end of the year by 2 members.  She will also be responsible for collecting chapter dues each year and working with the International Tri Psi Treasurer.  When establishing a new chapter you will not have any dues the first year but in the 2nd year your chapter dues will be due to International Tri Psi by January 15th.


Triad / Website Chairman: 


This person will be responsible for sending any chapter information to the Triad editor /Webmaster.  Please send articles or pictures throughout the year to the webmaster describing chapter activities.  All information and pictures can be sent by e-mail.  It is a very easy and quick way to report on events within the chapter and it will be posted on the website immediately for everyone to see.  The TRIAD chapter article must be sent to the TRIAD editor by May 1st of each year.       


Membership Chairman: 


She will want to contact any new prospects or members and invite them to different activities or initiation.   She will want to send out e-mail notices and reminders to members on what is happening in Tri Psi or in your local Tri Delta chapter.  She will also want to develop a directory.  It can be on-line or printed list for all members.  An officer/membership list should also be shared with the Tri Delta officers so they know how to communicate with Tri Psi.


Recording Secretary: 


Shall keep the minutes and records of all meetings.  Many chapters have combined this position with the Triad/Website chairman.




This person shall present the new mothers for Initiation.




Shall assist with the Initiation, Installation, and Memorial Services.


Social Chairman: 


You may choose to have a social chairman.  She can help plan the calendar for the year for Tri Psi and schedule joint events or projects with the Tri Deltas.


Greek Letters:




It is up to each chapter to set their own dues.  This will need to be done very soon after your chapter is established.  There are several things to remember.


New members:

There is an International New Member form.  You will receive these forms from the International Treasurer. There is a onetime fee of $25.00 at initiation for International dues.  This is sent to the International Treasurer. A new member may choose to purchase a Tri Psi Badge (pin) upon initiation.  This would be an extra cost of approximately $30.  This will be ordered by the International Treasurer and the badge will be sent directly to the new member.


Chapter Members:

Each local chapter sets their own dues. At the beginning of each year a chapter collects dues which are paid to the local treasurer. ***New chapters will not pay International dues until 2014. You must remember that each year $25.00, per person, of your local dues must be sent to the International Treasurer.   This money is due by January 15th and should include a list of members and their contact information.  The International dues are used for the Website, starting new chapters, postage, operating expenses, & the TRIAD magazine.   All Tri Psi International Officers volunteer their time and services to the sorority. When setting dues, remember you need some working capital. Some chapters set their dues at $35.00.   $35 – $25 = $10 per member for your local chapter.  Other chapters set dues at $45 or $50.  $45 – $25 = $20 or $25 per member for your local chapter.  A factor involved in determining your dues is what events your chapter may want to sponsor or participate in during the year. This is totally up to the local chapter.  You don’t have to support your chapter totally through the dues.  You can also have fund raisers during the year.  These can be a lot of fun.  You can have a silent auction during a parent’s weekend.  Again, it depends on your membership and what you find entertaining or fun.  One chapter makes cakes for the Tri Deltas.  They send a flyer to all parents on how to order a birthday, or special event cake, from Tri Psi.  The money collected goes towards your local Tri Psi chapter.



The Triad is an annual publication for the Tri Psi Sorority. It will include pictures and articles from chapters across the U.S. and Canada. It also includes convention material and schedules. It has information about Tri Psi scholarships and the Memorial Loan Fund. It has all the information about International Officers as well as local chapters and officers. It includes the International set of By-laws. It will also include International officer’s reports from the past year. 

All new members to Tri Psi will be sent the last publication of the TRIAD. Your chapter will want to send information into the Triad each year (May 15th deadline) about what is happening in your chapter and always include pictures.  It is very easy. Just send your information and pictures by e-mail to the Triad Editor. New chapters will not receive a TRIAD until spring but can view the current TRIAD on line at


The Tri Psi Website is a new addition to Tri Psi.  It is a great site for information.  It contains all the up to date information throughout the year about International Tri Psi, Tri Delta scholarships, conventions, officer’s reports, pictures, etc.  It also contains information about different chapters and activities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

There is a member’s only section which you can enter by using the username and password of violet and pearl.   Be sure your chapter gets your news, pictures, and information to the Webmaster so she can get all your information on the website.  The information and pictures can be easily and quickly sent by e-mail.



Part of the purpose of Tri Psi is to establish an association that shall be at all times a strong and dependable ally to the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity.

The Project of Tri Psi shall be in part to give financial aid to the International Tri Psi Scholarship Fund and the International Tri Psi Memorial Loan Fund, both of which benefit members of Tri Delta.

The Tri Psi Scholarship Fund was established to provide $1000 scholarships for deserving Tri Deltas who   will be entering their junior year of school.  Each Tri Delta chapter in the United States and Canada can nominate 1 member from their chapter to apply for the scholarship.  They must fill out an application form and have a recommendation from their advisor.

The number of scholarships will vary from year to year depending on the amount of donations that we receive. In 2012 we awarded 12, $1000 scholarships and in 2013 we awarded 14, $1000 scholarships to deserving Tri Deltas.  International Tri Psi has given approximately, $400,000 in Tri Delta scholarships

We encourage each chapter to make donations to the scholarship fund.  Tri Psi has always supported all Tri Deltas in addition to your local chapter.

If you, or your chapter, want to make a donation in honor of someone, or a special event, you may send a donation, in any amount, to the International Scholarship Treasurer.   They will see that an attractive, personal card is sent to your honoree, or their family, telling them that a donation was made in their honor to the Tri Psi Scholarship Fund.



The Memorial Loan fund was established to help Tri Deltas, working on their graduate degree, to obtain a low interest loan of $3,000.  The Tri Delta has 5 years to pay back the loan at an interest of 2%.

They must fill out an application and have a co-signor.

This is a good opportunity for the Tri Deltas to get help with their advanced degrees.



 Scholarship Fund Treasurer:

Louella Phipps   



Memorial Fund Chairman

 Sandy Simanton




Each year the Tri Psi International Sorority holds an annual convention located somewhere in the United States, or Canada in the month of October.  It is usually the 2nd or 3rd week.

Each chapter is entitled to send 3 chapter representatives that can vote on any issues that are presented at convention.  It runs from Friday to Sunday.  Many chapters will pay the registration fee for their delegates.  I know it is hard for some people to schedule time off from work but if you are able to make it to convention you will find it is a lot of fun, you will make new friendships, and you get to know more about Tri Psi and its members.

You do not need to be a delegate to attend.  There are always many Tri Psi husbands that attend as well as many Tri Delta daughters.  There are additional activities that your guests can attend.

Most members, depending on the location, check in on Thursday night.  There is always a dutch treat dinner and a hospitality suite for everyone to meet on Thursday evening.

Friday usually includes tours of the host city and a regular business meeting.  Activities usually start around 9:00.  You can attend all the activities or partially participate.

Friday night will include a dinner for all attendees.

Saturday will be a business meeting and free time.

Saturday night may include an initiation ceremony.   There will be a cocktail hour before the banquet that includes a piano bar and singing.  Afterwards is a banquet and entertainment.

Sunday is a Violet Brunch and it is usually over in time for everyone to catch a plane or get on the road to return home.

The past few conventions have been in Las Vegas, Ontario, Branson, Tucson, and Nashville.   Next year’s convention will celebrate Tri Psi’s 100th birthday!  It will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Convention is a time for you to meet members from all over the U.S. and Canada.  Some members are new, some are at their first convention, and some have been coming for 40 years.

All convention information and registration forms will be located on the Tri Psi website.  You will also receive the TRIAD which also contains all the information and registration forms.

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